Students must register in person with their tutor by 8.45am each day. Attendance will also be electronically recorded at every lesson at both SGA and RCT, and a central Record of Attendance is kept for every student in the Sixth Form.

Attendance is expected at all timetabled lessons.

Students cannot miss lessons for a driving lesson – this would be an unauthorised absence, but students can have absence authorised for a driving test.

It is important to note that most references for employers/Higher Education require data about attendance and punctuality. It is therefore essential to maintain an excellent attendance record that we may refer to upon any requests for a reference on your behalf.

An attendance and punctuality check will be made weekly and if this gives us cause for concern your parent/carer will be informed and it is likely that the Sixth Form Discipline Code will be used.

Time Out of School for Driving Tests, University Open Days, Work Experience and Planned Medical and Dental Appointments.

If you take time out of school for a medical/dental appointment, university open day, driving test, interview, work experience or a sporting activity, which has not been arranged through the schools, you must inform Sixth Form Student Support, complete and return a green ‘Leave Request’ form which should be signed by your teachers and parent/carer. This ensures that your subject teachers are aware, in advance, of your absence from their lesson.