There's a great support network system. If you've got a problem, you'll always have someone on hand to help you and get it sorted quickly. - STUDENT

Careers Advice

Students receive advice through Form Tutors, Heads of Sixth Form / Progress Managers and Careers staff in the schools. Within the schools, students have access to information in careers libraries and have the use of various career software programmes, which are available on the career's room computers. Students can also access appropriate Internet sites. A programme of Sixth Form specific careers advice is built into the tutorial course and the schools have good links with local employers and apprenticeship managers. Year 12 students undertake a work experience placement at the end of the summer term. 

Meetings are held at the individual schools concerning advice about opportiunities post 18 to which parents are invited. These meetings are designed to enlighten students and parents about the process of application for Higher Education through UCAS and to inform them about practical and financial aspects including student loans and bursaries.

Guidance and Academic Monitoring:
The route to success

Students negotiate targets for their performance and their progress is monitored against the predictive data available through a tracking system. Students who are encountering difficulties or who are giving cause for concern, through poor work, bad attendance or another matter, will receive counselling from tutors, academic staff and the senior staff involved with the Sixth Form. Parents are kept informed of such discussions and of course are welcome to make enquiries as to their son's/daughter's progress at any stage. There is a Parents' Evening for Year 12 students in the Autumn Term to report on how students have settled in. Parents' evenings when all teaching staff are in attendance are held in the autumn for Year 13 and the spring for Year 12. Each student receives an annual written report.

Each year the majority of Year 13 students apply successfully for places in Higher Education, including OXBRIDGE. Of course not all students want to go to university and our students have an excellent track record of achieving places in employment locally and nationally or gaining places on advanced apprenticeship programmes.